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Patrick Mika

Buying property for the first time with DigitalMove

What we're hearing about DigitalMove

The system is fantastic. It has been easy to use, it is great that tasks can be left whilst further information is gathered and then go back and pick it up rather than having to start again.

Home mover

DigitalMove is a major step forward for the industry. It's significance will grow as more and more law firms start using the platform.


Having the Welcome Pack immediately available is a big win. Via post or e-mail, some do go missing and this wastes time, which DigitalMove avoids.

Mortgage broker

I found the portal really straightforward and easy to use. I liked the feature at the beginning which shows the user around the site. This made everything easy and not too daunting - really good as this is my first time buying on my own.

Home mover

I can't see why a customer wouldn't want to select this service. It's really well designed and if it was me, I would definitely want to use it.


My customers are delighted with the instant e-mail to log in and access straight away. With non-DigitalMove cases, they have to wait for the case to be accepted.

Mortgage broker

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