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Buying property for the first time with DigitalMove

DigitalMove is a very impressive online system with forms/data entry which I found very easy to complete. Once I had entered the house purchase and my own personal details, I received a letter/document almost instantly with all my data entries included within it.

I love the fact that all the information regarding my house purchase is stored in one online location written and displayed in a clear and simple to understand format. I also liked the completion dates and ticks confirming when a part of the purchases (such as searches) had been completed.

I was considerably impressed with the ease of online form completion. I was very impressed with the near-instant reformatting and the processing of a response from the data I had input.

I like the way with a simple log in I can see the progress of my house purchase at any one time without having to call my solicitor…

I would use DigitalMove again because it’s fast, simple to use, effective and gives me a very quick online update on my house purchase status.