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Gorvins Solicitors – Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson, Conveyancing Manager/Team Leader

DigitalMove has definitely helped improved the Conveyancing process. We receive the initial documents back much quicker which means we can get the legal side of the transaction started immediately.

With the introduction of DigitalMove the files progress quicker, which means quicker completions, meaning happier Clients which improves the reputation of the business.

Our clients seem to be taking well to DigitalMove. The more complex documents are completed quicker than normal and we seem to get the AML/ID documents back much quicker. DigitalMove definitely offers increased efficiency.

We are always open to potential improvements and this has definitely offered that. As stated above we get the initial documents and ID back quicker than normal.

I would recommend DigitalMove due to the increased efficiency it brings and also as the Clients seem to like it.

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