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Finance Advice Centre – Chris Towlson

Chris Towlson, Mortgage and Protection Adviser

DigitalMove has help us to speed up the solicitor process. Looking at recent cases I can see that the starter pack and ID verification was completed and sent back by the customer on the same day as the instruction. In fact, every milestone has been completed before the expected date.

Streamlining and speeding up the conveyancing process helps our business in several ways. For instance, our case managers spend less time chasing solicitors, leaving them with more time to speak with clients and submit applications. Furthermore, when cases complete faster, our customers are happier and we get paid quicker.

Almost all our customers are tech-savvy these days so the ability to do everything online saves them time and allows them to feel more in control. The speed at which customers respond to requests from DigitalMove shows they engage well with this new system.

The legal part of buying a house can be really daunting, especially for a first-time buyer, so innovations such as DigitalMove can make a big difference to how a customer views the whole process. Some brokers worry about recommending a solicitor because a bad solicitor reflects badly on the broker. Improving the customer journey is therefore important to give brokers more confidence in making recommendations.

I already recommend DigitalMove! As mentioned above, the DigitalMove system puts the customer in control so they have the confidence that their case is progressing well.  I have been really happy with the DigitalMove system. Keep up the good work!

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